My picks of the 8 best grows in High Times history is live online! (From our Nov. 2014 40th Anniversary issue)


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I’m bored so I’m reading

My god. What stunning features! Also 420th note!!

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Pastel Sunrise Over the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware.

Chris Kayler

Hey, I’m from there!

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Hey Folks, I hadn’t yet given Tumblr a full explanation of my new font, “The Drip”, so I thought it was about time.

For The Drip I wanted to expand on the work that Coda did with Double Feature by allowing there to be significantly more options for the drip pattern for each number and…

Check out my buddy shawnhalldesign for this sick font and much more!!

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Rippin bongs in the ‘vo

Rippin bongs in the ‘vo

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/pol/tard buys a drink for a fine quality lady.http://best-of-imgur.tumblr.com


/pol/tard buys a drink for a fine quality lady.

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